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Graphic1The Ministry of National Food Security & Research is mainly responsible for policy formulation, economic coordination and planning in respect of food grain and agriculture. It also includes procurement of food grains, fertilizer, import price stabilization of agriculture produce, international liaison, economic studies for framing agricultural policies.


FaoWUHAN QIN-GFA HESHENG SEED CO.,LTD.is a high-tech seed company form-ed by HUBEI PROVINCIAL SEED GRO
UP COMPANY and Mr.Zhifa Zhang ,the famous breeder on melon in china.It is mainly engage-d in the purification and multiplication of improved vareties,produc-
tion and distribution,as well as R&D of new varieties and their exp-eriment and demonstration.It is registered in WUHAN EASTLAKE HIGH-TECH ZONE,HUBEI,CHINA.

SeedThe seed production and distribution system in Pakistan has passed through many development stages. From year 1947 upto 1960 it remained with the “Department of Agriculture” and then with “West Pakistan” Agriculture Development Corporation (WPADC). After 1972, the function of seed procurement and distribution became the responsibility of provinces. In 1973 FAO formulated a Seed Industry Project with participation of private sector. In 1976 the World Bank acquiesced to the desire of Provincial Government to establish Seed Industry Project in public sector and this very year, “Seed Act 1976″ was promulgated to organize seed production/ distribution in the public sector.

Cham Gota Gardens, Damascus, Syria



Barakat company was founded in Damascus in 1990 and still working to offer the best kind of vegetable, flowers, roses …seeds and we have many kind of seeds for gardens and homes

Rahim Yar Khan Chamber of Commerce

RAHIM YAR KHAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY is an apex trade body of District RAHIM YAR KHAN, established in July-2007. Federal Government Ministry of Commerce [DGTO] granted the License # 125 in May-2009 under the Trade Organizations Ordinance, 2007.

RAHIM YAR KHAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY is incorporated with the SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION OF PAKISTAN [SECP] as a non-trading concern under companies ordinance 1984. RYKCCI is affiliated with [FPCCI] The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry.

RYKCCI is playing a vital role to create a positive climate for business growth in the District Rahim Yar Khan. Within few years of establishment, Rahim Yar Khan Chamber’s membership strength has reached to 1,500+ members.


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