Alfalfa King Loosran, Fodder Seed A variety of good quality of Fodder Seed. Wheat We Introduce a better quality of Seed of Wheat. Wich
gives you a lot goods result then other wheat seeds
Paddy Seeds We have a good quality of paddy seed. That is exports
to different countries of the world and we always get
a excellent feedback
Pulses and Vegetable Seeds From the production and growth of our pulses and
vegetables seed are under our look to give you a good
quality of seed
Fodder Seeds Pakistan’s 1st certified Alfalfa Seed Company. We
have a rich quality of different fodder seeds. Alfalfa,
Clover, Oats, Sanwl Grass, Sodan Grass and Corn also.
Oil Seeds A variety of good quality of oil seeds which we have
mustard and sesame are famous in those

King Seeds Pakistan

We are giving you our services since 1950’s. We always provide a good and fine quality of Seeds. We the family, would like to thanks all of our loyal customers. It is becouse of your continued patronage that we celebrating 50+ years of King Seeds Pakistan.

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King Seeds Pakistan

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Haji Fateh Muhammad Chohan (Late)

CEO and Co-Founder

Haji Noor Muhammad Chohan

Chief Executive

Muhammad Sohaib

Head of Marketing

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